Slat Fencing

When you choose a slat fence from Fiddes Fencing, you’ll know that you will always receive a quality product. We back both our product and our workmanship with a full 10 year warranty.

We’ll Quickly and Accurately Install Your Slat Fencing

Not only do we provide you with great slat fencing options, such as aluminium slat fencing, but we can also build your fence quickly. In fact, we are able to build most fences in just 28 days.

Why Choose Slat Fencing

There is no denying that slat fencing is highly attractive and functional. Slat fencing is definitely versatile, as it can be placed both horizontally and vertically depending upon what you prefer.

Enquire about Slat Fencing

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Slat fencing will add value to your home. The bottom line is that this type of modern fencing is very attractive and versatile. Architects realize that slat fencing can be used in both traditional and more modern homes. It is this versatility that, in part, attracts so many people to slat fencing.

Another key reason that so many people get so excited about slat fencing options is that slat fencing gives you control over the spacing between slats. By having control of slat size, it is possible for you to control views and decide your own level of privacy and fencing look.